Hi !

We have decided to post some frequently asked questions about our Premium Knee Support.

We hope that you will enjoy them and find our answers very useful.

Mark and Julia.


1.How do I apply my Knee Sleeve ?

  • Pull the support on your knee until the middle part of the Knee Sleeve is placed on your knee cap. You can determine the proper orientation visually (there is a different thread in the middle of the sleeve). 

2. How long can I wear my Knee Sleeve ?

  • We recommend wearing the knee sleeve for no more than 12 consecutive hours, unless longer periods are prescribed by a doctor. 

3. In the title it says that it is a Knee Sleeve for Sports. Can I use it at work or at home ?

  • Yes. Our Knee Sleeve is designed to be used while working, fitness, sports and other physical activities. It especially popular among people who have ‘standing jobs’ and regularly expose their knees to a lot of pressure.

4. How can I wash this Knee Support to ensure its longevity?

  • You can wash your sleeve with your normal load of laundry however:
  • Initial water temperature should not exceed 40C or 105F.
  • Do not use tumble dryer with this product. For best results air-dry it.
  • Please do not dry clean this product.
  • Do not finish or smooth it out with an iron 

5. If I use Knee Support very often or for long periods of time, how can I keep it fresh and avoid sweaty smell ?

To maximise your comfort, our sleeve is designed to absorb your sweat even in extremely hot conditions. If after a while you start smelling anything unpleasant, simply wash it according to the washing instructions. Also, we do advise our customers to consider following tips:

  • Turn your knee sleeves inside out after use and allow them to air dry.
  • If possible, don’t throw your sweaty knee sleeves into your gym bag and seal them up until your next training session.